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glo_brilliant_personalBlue Periodontics uses GLO for our in-office teeth whitening service.

GLO Science Professional offers a game-changing, dual teeth whitening experience. We will get your teeth white, fast with one 32 minute in-office whitening session – with no sensitivity!

GLO Science Professional revolutionizes in-office teeth whitening. The patented Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) innovation combines heat-plus-light in a closed system mouthpiece, activating the professional strength GLO Whitening Gel and preventing whitening oxygens from escaping the mouth for faster, more efficient, long lasting whitening results.

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Professional Teeth Whitening Technology

The GLO Brilliant!” Professional Teeth Whitening Device reinvents the experience of teeth whitening using patent pending G.L.O. (Guided light optic) technology, combining professional elements of heat and light built into a one of a kind – closed system mouthpiece to accelerate the whitening process. The mouthpiece prevents the whitening oxygens from escaping the tooth surface, making the process more effective and more efficient.