Dental Treatments and Services

Blue Periodontics Dental ServicesBlue Periodontics is a full service traditional periodontics practice in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley. No need to drive to Grand Junction for your dental services.

Blue Periodontics offers an array of treatments and services to meet your dental needs, ranging from preventative maintenance to advanced dental restorations/reconstructions to esthetics. Dental treatments and services in our Aspen-Basalt office include:

Periodontic Accelerated Orthodontics (PAO)

Traditional orthodontics can only move teeth so fast without causing damage to the roots and structure of the teeth. With Periodontic Accelerated Orthodontics (PAO), teeth can be safely and rapidly moved to achieve a strong stable outcome in a fraction of the time. Traditional orthodontics often results in gingival “gum” recession and decreased thickness of bone covering the teeth. With AO, the technique utilized results in healthier, thicker gingiva as well as increased bone thickness.

More information at: Periodontic Accelerated Orthodontics

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Glossary of Dental Terms and Dental Services

Have a question about a specific dental term or procedure, check our Glossary of Dental Terms.