Periodontic Accelerated Orthodontics

Periodontic Accelerated Orthodontics (or Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics) is a dental displacement method that reduces the time needed to permanently move teeth into a desired position by creating a weakened bone condition. Developed in 1996, the procedure can reduce a two-year orthodontics treatment to one that takes from three to six months.

PAO : Results in 3–8 Months

Typical orthodontic treatment can take 18–36 months. The treatment time depends on the distances the teeth need to be moved, treatment goals, the type of techniques employed and the cooperation of the patient. Rapid tooth movement following decortication, commonly known as Wilckodontics or Periodontic Accelerated Orthodontics (PAO) is well documented and results in treatment outcomes routinely produced in 3 to 8 months of active orthodontic care. The out-patient decortication surgery induces a transient osteopenia (bone healing) condition that favors accelerated orthodontic treatment. The basis for the therapy is biological in nature and the biological changes are well documented. The main drawback is that the surgery can be invasive.

Benefits of Periodontic Accelerated Orthodontics (PAO)

  • Traditional orthodontics can only move teeth so fast without causing damage to the roots and structure of the teeth. With PAO, teeth can be safely and rapidly moved to achieve a strong stable outcome in a fraction of the time.
  • Traditional orthodontics often results in gingival “gum” recession and decreased thickness of bone covering the teeth. With AO, the technique utilized results in healthier, thicker gingiva as well as increased bone thickness.
  • The AAO is in full support of the treatment modality and there is now decades of research replete in the literature showing long-term safe reliable and strong results.
  • By utilizing dual specialties, orthodontics has been able to take on an advanced approach without major surgical intervention and huge hospital bills.
  • By utilizing a minor oral surgery in combination with orthodontic treatment, patients can take cases originally 2-3 years in duration to a safe 3-8 months (start to completion).
  • Modern techniques in dentistry now allow huge advantages over older modalities and can provide the same results in a fraction of the time . . . SAFELY with a better end result for the periodontium.