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Mouth Body Connection
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In recent years, health professionals have better been able to understand the connection between oral health and overall bodily health. The correlation between the health of the mouth and the health of the body is undeniable, although the causation is still being debated on some level. According to WebMD, 40% of patients with severe gum disease also have some sort of chronic bodily illness.

Some of the reasons for this are obvious, such as not being able to eat the nutrients needed to maintain healthy bodily functions, while other connections are not so obvious. At Blue Periodontics, our team of dental health professionals is dedicated to providing optimal care so that you can live a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading to see how your oral health is connected to the health of the rest of your body.

The Mouth as an Entryway

The first connection between your mouth and the rest of the body is an obvious one. Your body needs food to function, and the mouth is the first stop on the way there. Your teeth grind the food up to make nutrients more bioavailable and to aid in digestion. If you experience pain while eating, you will be limited in what you can and cannot eat, meaning that you will not be able to properly consume all of the healthy nutrients you need to survive.

In terms of digestion, grinding the food up is extremely important in the digestion process. Food that has been chewed has a larger surface area, which makes it easier to be broken down by stomach acids. If the food is not properly broken down in the stomach, then your body will have a more difficult time digesting it, and you may not be absorbing all of the nutrients that a portion of food has to offer. This all starts with chewing, which breaks the food down into smaller pieces that are easier to digest.

Connections to Other Health Issues

Scientists have started to see the connection between gum disease and diabetes. Inflammation of the mouth that results from periodontitis can make it harder for the body to control blood sugar levels. This is because the inflammation makes it more difficult for the body to use insulin, which processes the sugar in the body. Additionally, high levels of blood sugar create ideal environments for bacteria to thrive in, which advances the gum disease in a cyclical process.

Another possible health connection to periodontitis is heart disease. According to WebMD, 91% of people with heart disease also have periodontitis. This may be because factors that cause periodontitis also lead to heart diseases, such as smoking and a poor diet.

Still, some argue that the link between the two is more direct. Periodontitis causes inflammation, and inflamed blood vessels make it harder for blood to travel through the body, which may cause raised blood pressure that can lead to heart disease, or even a stroke or heart attack.

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It is crucial to maintain proper oral health to keep your body healthy. Periodontitis has been linked to poor nutrition, diabetes, and heart disease just to name a few. If you are experiencing pain or inflammation in the mouth, call Blue Periodontics at (970) 678-3473 to schedule an appointment today and see what treatment options are available.
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